Adding New Users

The first thing that you should do is to add user accounts to WorkgroupMail. During the trial period you may add an unlimited number of users. After you have purchased WorkgroupMail, the number of user that you can add will depend upon the number of licenses that you have purchased.

To add a new user, press the {bmct help0021.bmp} button located in the toolbar of the WorkgroupMail Administrator. The User property sheet is displayed.

Enter the user's name into the Name field. Ensure that the This account is active check box is checked. If the uses a POP3 client (i.e. does not use the WorkgroupMail MAPI service to collect mail) then the username and password shown at the bottom of the page should be entered into the account details of the user's POP3 client. Initially, a user's password is blank, but this may be changed by pressing the Change Password… button.

Note: The local POP3 login name will not be set up until the user is given a mailbox name from within the Address page.

The Address page lets you specify the user's mailbox name and domain part. The mailbox name and domain part together determine the user's full e-mail address. The mailbox name must be unique within the list of WorkgroupMail users. The domain part determines how the user's e-mail address appears to recipients of his/her messages. The domain part may be chosen either by selecting one of the entries in the drop down list or entering a user-defined domain part. The latter is not recommended unless you know that e-mail sent to the specified domain will reach this user.

The POP3 page lets you specify whether or not mail is collected for this user via a single POP3 account. If this is not the case then it is assumed that a multiple POP3 mailbox collects mail for this user. If mail for this user is collected through a single user POP3 account then select the appropriate radio button and fill out the POP3 Login name and POP3 Password fields with the appropriate details.

The Forwarding page lets you specify message forwarding or redirection from this user to another user or e-mail address. If you wish to redirect messages (i.e. this user does not get a copy of each message) then ensure that the This user should keep a copy of the forwarded message check box is left unchecked.

The Signature page lets you specify the text that will appear at the bottom of all messages sent by this user.