Auto-responders are mailboxes which can send automated responses to anyone who sends a message to them. Messages sent to auto-responders may be redirected to a specific user or to an e-mail address.

For example, you may wish to set up an auto-responder called enquiries. When anyone sends mail to enquiries@yourcompany.com the sender is sent an acknowledgment message and the original message is forwarded on to the sales manager.

To add a new auto-responder, press the {bmct help0027.bmp} button located in the toolbar at the top of the WorkgroupMail Administrator. Adding an auto-responder is similar to adding a user except auto-responders may not be given a signature page and they have an additional page which lets you specify a text or binary file containing the response message.

Select the file that you wish to be your response message by using the Browse… button. Specify whether you wish to attach the file to the response message or import the file (as text) into the response message. The latter option is recommended for most purposes.