Installing the WorkgroupMail MAPI Service

Note: The WorkgroupMail MAPI service is intended for those users or organizations that do not have access to a TCP/IP network. If all your client computers are part of a TCP/IP network and each client computer has a POP3 mail client, such as Outlook Express, then you do not need to install the WorkgroupMail MAPI Service at all.

The WorkgroupMail MAPI service must be installed onto each client computer and each client computer must be capable of running a MAPI enabled client, for example MS Outlook or MS Exchange. Prior to installing the WorkgroupMail MAPI service on each computer, you must install the WorkgroupMail Server on the computer that will connect to the Internet Service Provider.

Run the installation program by double clicking on Setup.exe in the installation media. From the Welcome screen, select Install the WorkgroupMail MAPI Service on this client computer radio button and press Next.

In the Select Directory page, specify the folder to which WorkgroupMail should be installed. If you are happy with the suggested directory then just press Next.

In the Database page, specify the location of the mail store database. This should be the same database file that was specified in the WorkgroupMail Server installation.

Use the Browse… button to locate the database and press Next.

Note: If the next page shown is the Workgroup page then you have not selected the database file that was installed during the Server installation.

The user page lets you enter your own account details. Enter you full name into the appropriate field and specify a mailbox name. If your e-mail address is johns@mycompany.com then enter johns as your mailbox name.

If your workgroup does not have a multiple POP3 account then check the This user has a separate POP3 account check box and enter the account details for the single-user POP3 mailbox used to retrieve mail for you. Press Next to continue.

The next page displayed is the Connection page. This page lets you choose how often to check the message store for new messages. If you use WorkgroupMail to loopback local messages then you should set this interval to between 1 and 5 minutes.

If you do not use the loopback functionality of WorkgroupMail then you should set the interval depending upon the frequency with which the server connects to your ISP in order to send and receive mail.

Pressing Next displays the Summary page. This page summarizes the options that you have chosen. It also lets you choose the MAPI profile to which the WorkgroupMail MAPI service will be added. By default, you current windows MAPI profile is selected. If you wish to create a new profile then select the <Create new profile> entry. This will present a wizard which takes you through the creation of a new MAPI profile at the end of the installation.

Press Finish to begin copying the WorkgroupMail files to your computer.