WorkgroupMail is an intelligent POP3 server and MAPI service. It can connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) either directly, or via a dial-up line, in order to send and receive Internet mail on behalf of all members of your organization. Local users can then use almost any e-mail client, in order to connect to WorkgroupMail and send and receive their own e-mail.

Most organizations operate a TCP/IP network. This means that WorkgroupMail can operate successfully as a local POP3 / SMTP server within those organizations. Consequently, users within those organizations can use any POP3 mail client in order to send and receive Internet mail. This includes mail clients such as Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

However, WorkgroupMail can also operate as a MAPI service. This mode of operation does not require a TCP/IP network. Instead, each user must use a MAPI client, such as MS Outlook, MS Exchange or Windows Messaging, for example.

WorkgroupMail can perform powerful server-side e-mail filtering including junk mail filtering. This means that you can save your organization both time and money by not downloading unwanted junk mail from your ISP.

WorkgroupMail can run as an NT service or a standalone executable program. The WorkgroupMail Administrator program gives you full control over the mail flowing in and out of your organization.