Specifying Local Options

Certain local options will already have been set up during the WorkgroupMail installation, for example the workgroup name and domain part. Other options which should be set up include:

Forwarding of unknown mail

Mail collection options (POP3 or MAPI)

Loopback option

You can show the Local Options property sheet by pressing the {bmct help0029.bmp} situated in the toolbar at the top of the WorkgroupMail Administrator. The Local Options property sheet is displayed showing the Details page.

The Details page lets you specify the name of the workgroup. The workgroup name forms part of your keycode, so ensure that once you have received and entered your keycode you do not change your workgroup name. Doing so will prevent the WorkgroupMail server from working.

The Address page lets you specify the appropriate domain parts that are particular to your workgroup.

You should enter all domain parts for which mail is forwarded to your workgroup by your ISP.

The Unknown Mail page lets you choose the user or address to which messages intended for unknown recipients should be forwarded.

The Mail Collection page lets you specify whether or not all users collect their mail using a POP3 client. If any users use a MAPI client in oder to collect mail from the WorkgroupMail server then you must select the Some users will use a MAPI client radio button. This selection determines how WorkgroupMail handles attachments. If you choose the latter option then WorkgroupMail must decode the attachments in order that they may be presented correctly to the MAPI enabled client. If all users will use a POP3 client then select the top radio button. This selection ensures that attachments are decoded by the POP3 client. This is the more efficient option.