What is a plug-in?
A plug-in is a specially designed software module that can "plug in" to WorkgroupMail in order to perform specific processing on incoming messages, before they are delivered and on outgoing messages, before they are sent. Plug-ins may affect whether a message is quarantined before being sent or received. Plug-ins usually have a user interface and this can be accessed from within the WorkgroupMail Administrator program. Various plug-ins are available to download from this site (see below), but you may also write your own plug-ins (see developing plug-ins).

Available plug-ins

MailScan plug-in Rule based content filtering.
VirusChecker plug-in Integrates Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan with WorkgroupMail.
Shared Address Book plug-in Lets all users share an address book.
Mailing List plug-in Provides a way of maintaining an unlimited number of mailing lists.
Exchange POP3 Connector plug-in Turns WorkgroupMail into a POP3 connector for Microsoft Exchange.
Single Mailbox plug-in Enables distribution of e-mail with single user mailboxes (e.g.
Message Archiver plug-in A free plug-in which lets you archive and restore sent and received messages.

MailScan plug-in
MailScan is a rule-based content filtering plug-in. It lets you specify any number of rules which, if the conditions are met, will quarantine an incoming or outgoing message, preventing it from being sent or received until it is approved by the appropriate person.

For example, you might wish to quarantine every message sent to your important customers so that a manager can check that the message is acceptable, or you may wish to prevent all staff from receiving GIF or JPEG files or files greater than a certain size. Additionally, you may wish to quarantine any message that contains a rude word. Of course, if any of these conditions are met you will want the option to notify the appropriate person or people. MailScan can also be used internally to make sure confidential information is not accidentally or intentionally sent outside of the organization. This and a great deal more can be achieved using the MailScan plug-in. Click here to download it now. Click here for more information.

VirusChecker plug-in
The VirusChecker plug-in works in conjunction with Norton AntiVirus or McAfee VirusScan to enable WorkgroupMail to scan incoming and outgoing messages for viruses before they are sent or received. Click
here for more information.

Click here to download it now.

Shared Address Book plug-in
Automatically extracts the name and address of every recipient in all incoming and outgoing messages that are sent or received by WorkgroupMail and adds them to the WorkgroupMail address list. The names and addresses in this list are then made available by an LDAP server. This means that LDAP clients, such as Outlook and Outlook Express can automatically lookup the e-mail address of a name, or part of a name, typed into the To: field of a New Message window.

Click here to download it now.

Mailing List plug-in
Lets you set up any number of mailing lists. Anyone can subscribe to the mailing list, either from a form on a web page or by sending an e-mail message to the mailing list with a subject of "subscribe". The Mailing List plug-in will then send out a confirmation message which the subscriber must respond to in the allocated time. Once the reply to the confirmation message has been received, that person will then become a full member of the list. The Mailing List plug-in lets you create open lists, announcement lists and discussion lists.

Click here to download it now.

Exchange POP3 Connector plug-in
This plug-in lets you convert WorkgroupMail into a POP3 Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Before installing the plug-in, configure WorkgroupMail as normal to receive mail from one or more ISPs. In one of the ISPs, specify the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) as the IP address of Exchange. Then install the Exchange POP3 Connector plug-in and specify that ISP in the properties of the POP3 Connector plug-in. From now on, when e-mail is collected via POP3, it will go into the Sent Messages folder, and will subsequently be sent on to Exchange via SMTP.

Click here to download it now. Click here for more information.

Single Mailbox plug-in
Enables users with one single e-mail address POP3 account to be able to distribute incoming e-mail based on a set of rules that can be setup on a per-user basis. Normally, with only one e-mail address, messages sent to this address can only be received by one person, but the SingleMailbox plug-in makes it possible to distribute a message to one of several people based on receiver name, sender address or the subject of the message.

Click here to download it now.

Message Archiver plug-in (free!)
Keeps an archive copy of every sent and received message. You can use the Message Archiver administrator to show messages between specified dates and to extract archived messages for delivery to a specific user.

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